About Shelley Groves


I offer a full landscape and garden design service within the wider Wellington Area.

I have a B.Sc in Botany from Victoria University and a National Certificate in Landscape Design. This academic grounding has been enhanced by years as both an avid gardener and my 10 years working within the industry. As a consequence, I have gained an extensive knowledge of plant species, both exotic and native, which can grow in Wellington’s challenging environment.


To achieve a suitable and enjoyable garden design, it is important to facilitate a dialogue between myself and my client. Listening to my client’s ideas and desires is critically important and I believe I achieve this in a warm and friendly manner.


I have designed a variety of properties including suburban gardens, beach gardens, small inner city spaces; and the integration of house additions into existing properties has been an important source of work for me.

Flexible work hours allow me to arrange visits to suit my client’s lifestyle.


I am available on (04) 389 9726, 021 163 3586 or at shelley@shelleygroves.co.nz

Please see the Contact page for more information.


  • Whimsical Garden

    An uninspiring rear garden space has been converted to functional yet whimsical garden with a new garden shed, a fresh lawn, interesting curved brick and aggregate concrete paths and a strong connection to the existing deck.

  • City Courtyard

    A 70’s brick courtyard is remodelled in to a sophisticated yet easy care courtyard and entrance way which includes a pergola, a boardwalk and simplified planting

  • Inner City Garden

    A sheltered terraced lawn garden is converted to a circular sitting space retained with vertically set railway sleepers. Other features include a natural pond and bog plants.

  • Urban Family Courtyard

    A dated back yard is excavated to make room for an expansive courtyard which encompasses
    built in seating, a water feature and simple yet stylish planting